Beer in art

Beer All Over

Beer in art

During times beer has been a powerful inspiration to people and artists.

Below you will find examples of beer in art, presented by great painters.


17th century

Peasants Celebrating Twelfth Night

David Teniers 1635

Man Brandishing A Beer Glass

Petrus Staverenus 1640

The Prodigal Son

Rembrandt 1635

A woman with a beer jug

Adrian van Ostade 1670

18th century

The Ale-House Door

Henry Singleton 1790

19th century

A Good Glass of Beer

Edouard Manet 1873

Beer Tankards

Vincent van Gogh 1885

Home Brewed Ale

Frederick Daniel Hardy 1884

The little brewery

Anders Zorn 1890

20th century

Monk drinking beer

Eduard Theodor Ritter von Gr├╝tzner 1900


Diego Rivera 1907

Glass of Beer and Playing Cards

Juan Gris 1913

Beer Garden

Nicole Eisenman 2007

Blue Moon

Craig Wade 2011

21th century

Boobies and Beer

Alison Galvan 2012